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Our Surname Origins

The GUTHRIE surname originated over 700 years ago in Scotland. It may have stemmed from the name of the Barony of Guthrie, and the landed gentry of that time. Perhaps a Scandinavian Prince by the name of Guthrum deserves the credit for the name, so one theory goes. Or was it just an old wives' tale about a fisherman instructing his wife to "gut three" fish for the king? Your DNA can tell you if your ethnic makeup is Celtic, Scandinavian, or has other ancestral origins.

Places With the Guthrie Name

GUTHRIE CASTLE in Forfar is one of several owned by  people of Guthrie ancestry throughout the centuries. The 17th Century rhyme tells of various Guthrie relations: "Guthrie o' Guthrie, and Guthrie o' Gaigie, Guthrie o' Taybank an' Guthrie o' Craigie". Towns and Counties by the name of GUTHRIE dot the American countryside, and the name has travelled with families from Scotland, England, and Ireland to the far reaches of the globe. The GUTHRIE surname is frequently found in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa.

Famous and Infamous Descendants

GUTHRIE descendants can be found in the history books and modern day life. Rebels, Preachers, Race Car Drivers, Pioneers, Statesmen, Counterfeiters, Inventors, Singers, Pulitzer Prize Winners, and TV personalities all have interesting stories, but are your GUTHRIE ancestors part of their history, too?

Family History and Research

Digging through attics & library shelves, and hanging on to the family stories passed down one generation to the next, we individually gather information for our FAMILY TREES. Your research might provide a wealth of details, or the paper trail may simply be paper thin. The depth and accuracy of your traditional research depends on the accuracy of memory, and the source materials available, not to mention a little luck. 

Genetic Genealogy

Use your own DNA to leap over the brick walls left behind by burned courthouse records, and the gaps left by the unanswered questions you wish you had asked your grandparents. GENETIC GENEALOGY can add a whole new level of discovery to your GUTHRIE FAMILY TREE by identifying the GUTHRIE families to which you are actually related.  

The Guthrie Y-DNA Project

The GUTHRIE SURNAME DNA PROJECT uses direct paternal line genetics (Y-DNA testing of Guthrie men) to match lineages to GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS. Each group descends from the same male ancestor at some point in their collective family tree. Descendant lineages with historical or documented ties to the tested line are inferred to be part of the group unless additional testing proves otherwise. It is important to have participation from multiple family lines within the same group to verify results because while family tradition and theories can sometimes be wrong, the DNA speaks for itself.

The Guthrie Family Finder Project

People who descend from a female GUTHRIE or are themselves a female GUTHRIE may still participate in the GUTHRIE SURNAME DNA PROJECT by testing their Autosomal DNA. The official test for project membership is a FAMILY FINDER test at Family Tree DNA, but equivalent tests from AncestryDNA and 23andMe may be eligible for transfer to the project. See the FTDNA website for instructions. You can also provide an official Ancestry/AncestryDNA invitation to AnnGU3 to view and analyze your GUTHRIE results if transfer is unavailable.


This site was originally designed to be a focal point for descendants of my own Guthrie Family Group: 2A. Much of the detailed content will continue to reflect that focus. However, I have expanded it to include some general information on each GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUP, and the overall findings of the DNA Project. This includes lineages known to belong to each group, 'Claim to Fame' descendants of interest, any important genetic details, origin theories, and some recommended considerations for research. Developing  theories may be my own ideas, or the collective work of project participants collaborating on their group.

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